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Message Ordering Engine

8 seconds.

That's the average attention span of a consumer. Can you get their order in 8 seconds?

Meet MOE, the Message Ordering Engine that makes it possible.
MOE leverages the most popular communication platform in the world: text messaging. Consumers everywhere are texting constantly, so why make them visit a web site or download an app to buy from you?

MOE allows you to configure keywords to sell your products instantly by text. Your customers register just once on the MOE platform, and from then on are recognized by their mobile number. You'll be able to take orders with a single word or image sent by text message.

Case Study: Who's Using MOE?

GetAPrint is the easiest way to print a photo. Simply text your full-sized photo to 228-228 and we will mail you or someone you know a professionally rendered 5"x7" print. Once you have set up your account, each print is charged to the credit card on your account, only $1.99 for prints sent to a U.S. address or $2.99 to any international address.


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Lease Return Logistics

HOW IT WORKS is a suite of web-based logistics solutions so lessors can now offer logistics services and a customer friendly returns process to their lessees, dealers and partners. Created and operated by OnePak, can be deployed immediately, with no cost or documentation required; or it can be connected to a lessor's existing process to add efficiency and generate new revenue possibilities; or it can be fully integrated to eliminate costs, generate new revenue, and improve operational efficiency. All three offerings provide a better end-of-lease experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.


Give your lessees a return process that helps them, help you. is an online system for ordering standardized return logistics, while you maintain visibility and control of the process.

Whether it is a one-asset mail back, or a multi-asset freight pickup, you enjoy a return process that is:

  • Auditable
  • Consistent
  • Scalable
  • In compliance with federal and state regulations for Covered Electronic Devices


A consistent logistics process not only means your assets are packed properly, it streamlines receiving, auditing, and settlement.

Our network of trained logistics professionals follow strict Standard Operating Procedures, including:

  • Proper packing materials and procedures
  • Onsite inventory
  • Proof of Pickup
  • Proof of Delivery


Track every asset in transit

Dashboard Access to All Returns

When assets are picked up, shipment tracking data is uploaded to your ReturnCenter for you - and your lessees - to see.

You and your lessees will know where those assets are and when they are due for delivery.

Check the status of every pickup, along with the number of expected assets, scheduled pickup date, actual pickup date, estimated delivery date and a link to a more detailed information page about every load.

Give your lessees a return process that helps them, help you.


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Take Back Programs


We know that consumer takeback programs take many forms and involve a range of return methods. Our Takeback Management System provides a way to manage all your programs through a single online resource.

We can help you:

  • Set up self-ship consumer programs in which users can go online to print shipping labels or order shipping kits to safely package and ship their electronics.
  • Develop routes and schedules using experienced logistics providers to pick up commodities dropped off by consumers at retail collection sites nationwide-one pallet or one truckload at a time
  • Transport and track commodities collected at local recycling events.
  • Report program costs and volumes at the state, program and commodity level.


Recovering electronics and other technology assets from businesses needs to be easy and affordable. You need to be able to roll out a program that is convenient for business customers to follow and that is transparent, trackable and reportable.

OnePak's Takeback Management System, combined with our years of logistics relationships and experience can help you:

  • Create and manage self-ship programs tailored to the needs of businesses.
  • Execute commercial takeback programs that include onsite services to pack and ship only the commodities you accept.
  • Report program costs and volumes at the state, program and commodity level.


So far, more than two dozen states have passed legislation mandating statewide e-waste recycling. Several more states are working on passing new laws or improving existing laws. All laws except California and Utah use the Producer Responsibility approach, where the manufacturers must pay for recycling. This means that 65% of the population of the U.S. is now covered by a state e-waste recycling law.1

Takeback programs often range from local to regional or national in scale. They may involve several shipping methods to multiple destinations across many states.

You need a system that can synthesize complex takeback program data and report results in formats that serve your needs for internal cost control and compliance with state or national regulations.

Our system can help you:

  • Report program costs at the state, program and commodity level.
  • Report volumes by CEDs in every Producer Responsibility state, with or without mandated targets.
  • Track compliance trends over time and across geographic and legislative areas.

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Client's Situation: A top tier electronics OEM is required to take back products in 25 states to comply with increasingly complex producer responsibility laws. They have a network of recyclers to service a corporate recovery program, a consumer mail-back program, a retail program, local events and a network of consumer collection sites. Before working with OnePak, their recyclers bundled logistics costs into their recycling costs. The OEM had no visibility into what was loaded onto trucks at the collection sites nor what was actually delivered to the recyclers. They relied entirely on what the recyclers reported in order to compensate the collection sites and report commodities at the state level. They were concerned that unauthorized commodities were being collected and that inaccurate reporting could jeopardize compliance.

OnePak Solution: The Takeback Management System provides both the logistics resources and data gathering and reporting power to comply with federal and state regulations. OnePak's system enables OEMs to:

  • Manage their self-ship consumer program, events and retail collection programs nationwide.
  • Report program costs and volumes at the state, program and commodity level.
  • Hold all collection sites and recyclers accountable through a fully transparent system.
  • Run ONE report for state compliance that comprises all activities of five national programs.


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Consumer Returns

OnePak's systems enable your customers to ship their small items to your facilities quickly and easily.

Let your customers enjoy the convenience of printing UPS® or Fedex® shipping labels online that are billed directly to your account - with your corporate discounts in place.

If your customers also need packaging for their return, offer them the option of purchasing a durable shipping kit customized to fit common technology assets including laptops, CPUs, servers and monitors.

Clients use our Consumer Returns services to ensure consistently high quality packaging and shipping for:

Clients use our services to:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Redeployment
  • End of lease
  • End of life


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Asset Recovery & Relocation

OnePak's proprietary logistics systems makes it easy for customers to ship their assets from anywhere to anywhere.

Simply log on, describe the assets that need to be shipped, select pickup dates and service levels, make payment - and you're done.

OnePak's technology engine accesses the best logistics services at the best prices, determines efficient routing, arranges for delivery of customized packaging materials or deployment of trained professionals to pack and transport.

This service provides real-time tracking, confirms delivery at the destination, coordinates condition assessments, and provides management reports for reconciling and confirming project completion.

Professional asset handlers will inventory and pack your items onsite. They are trained to follow strict Standard Operating Procedures for packing I.T. assets, copiers, medical equipment and other common equipment types.


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IoT Track & Trace

It's 2 a.m… Do you know where your assets are?

Knowing where your shipments or company assets are is crucial to the success of your business in today's fast-paced and competitive economy.

But even if you know where they are… Can you get them back?

Our intelligent IoT Track & Trace platform will allow you to:

  • Auditable
  • Consistent
  • Scalable
  • In compliance with federal and state regulations for Covered Electronic Devices

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