OnePak is a cloud-based aggregator and integrator of the logistics services needed to facilitate equipment returns. While online travel sites independently aggregate and query airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, OnePak similarly provides a carrier-neutral, destination-agnostic web platform to navigate the diverse global network of reverse logistics services.

Specializing in handling off-lease, end-of-life, repair-needed, or otherwise 'not new' equipment, OnePak provides special handling, packing, tracking, and reporting for:

Leasing companies
Equipment lessees
Remarketers & Recyclers
Anyone who needs to ship something 'back'
OnePak's systems coordinate and simplify the services of specialized providers, delivering a convenient, simple, and economical solution for the otherwise complex, fragmented and costly problem of equipment returns.

Clients - and in turn THEIR customers - enjoy a return solution that is consistent, scalable, and auditable.